Do Tanning Tablets Work?

Glowing tanned skin is something that many people consider to be beautiful. Unfortunately, for those of us with naturally pale skin, getting a tan can often involve hours of sunbathing or multiple visiting to the professional tanning bed salon. That said, there are many pills in the marketplace that promise to give users a sun-kissed glow without the need for any sun exposure, but do tanning tablets work?

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Well, one of the great things about using pills to get a tan is that you are no longer exposing your skin the damaging UVB rays from the sun or risking overexposure to UVA rays. In addition, when you follow a busy daily schedule of work, school and family responsibilities, it can often be hard to find time to head to the beach and lay in the sun – and that’s assuming that you live in an area of the world where there are lots of sunny days. Tanning pills can thus also help to save you a lot of time and you don’t have to fear your tan fading in the winter months when the sun is often no longer strong enough to promote a natural tan.

There are two different varieties of tanning pills. The first type is pills that are rich in tyrosine. These pills work by activating and intensifying your skin’s natural tanning process. The second variety of pills are rich in pigments. When these pigments find their way into the body’s system, they impart a brown shade on the epidermis of the skin. There are two different types of these pigment-rich pills: ones containing canthaxanthin and ones containing beta-carotene.

It is clear that the answer to the question “Do tanning tablets work?” is “Yes” but it’s important to note that results can vary among individuals. You might find that one variety works better for you whereas another variety works better for your friends. Therefore, it’s a good idea to try pills from a range of different manufacturers and don’t despair if the first pills you try don’t seem to be very effective. It’s possible that your body might require a higher dose of the active agents for you to see results.

One good way to find out what the best brands in the industry currently are is to check out some user reviews online. You will probably find that many of these reviews contain high definition before and after photos, which can help to give you some idea as to how the pills will work with your skin type. In addition, many reviewers now take the time to note any side effects that they experience why using particular brands. Side effects of tanning pills are rare, but it’s important to be aware of them.

The tanning pill industry is largely unregulated, which means it can sometimes be hard to find high-quality legitimate products. In general, it is best to avoid buying from online auction sites on market stalls. Instead, place your order with a top-rated online supplier.